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About Us


What is Legitimate Businessman Entertainment?

Legitimate Businessman Entertainment is a record label and production studio owned and operated by Aaron Sarlo and Ron Shelton. 

Aaron and Ron who, now?

Ha ha. Right. I get that. Well, first off, I'm Aaron Sarlo. I formed this band, Techno Squid Eats Parliament, with three friends back in 1992, and Ron saw our first Memphis show. (Ron used to live in Memphis). Then that band got signed to legendary Memphis record label, Ardent Records, and went on tour. A lot. Ron became Techno Squid's tour manager.


So, anyhoo... like I was saying, Techno Squid Eats Parliament didn't last very long, but we were sorta kinda big for a hot minute, and we went on to influence some big acts. Bands and artists you probably know. We were on MTV, opened for massive bands, and had tons of fans.

I mean, I guess that's kinda cool, but also why do I care?

Well, theoretically, you don't. But, you wouldn't still be reading this far if you weren't a music fan, and LBE makes really good music. That's what Legitimate Businessman Entertainment is... a kick ass record label with really good music. No filler, no crap. We make and release music because we've been doing it since forever, and we're kinda good at it. 

Yeah, but aren't there already too many bands these days?

Exactly. Couldn't agree more. Every time I log onto social media, there's 10 new bands I never heard of. That's why here at LBE, we focus on songs. Our label's motto is Tomorrow's Covers Today, and that is exactly what we offer here at Legitimate Businessman Entertainment. Songs so good they stand the test of time. They cross all boundaries. They appeal to all true music fans. 

Alright, fine. You win. I'm interested. Where do I click?

Find out more about our bands (spoiler alert: so far, I'm in all of them) on the Artists tab. If you're in a hurry, we would recommend going straight to the music, itself. These LBE songs spring to mind as being particularly ball-tinglingly good...

He Who Has the Information Is the Leader (2011) - The Dangerous Idiots

Can I Get a Role Model (2011) - The Dangerous Idiots [video]

Sad (2011) - The Dangerous Idiots

Head on a Pike (2020) - Kid City

Sycamores (2020) - Kid City

That's Nice (2020) - Aaron Sarlo

Penis Tsunami (NSFW) (2019) - Aaron Sarlo 

Buck Rogers (2015) - Techno Squid Eats Parliament

Never Thought (2015) - Techno Squid Eats Parliament

I H8 the Dead (1998) - Slept

The Map (1996) - Slept 

In conclusion...

Legitimate Businessman Entertainment is an independent record label and production studio in a city in a country on a planet. We produce music that you want to hear over and over. We hope you will stick around and jam with us. If you're a musician yourself, send us links to your music. If you're an artistic / creative type, and you like our vibe, hit us up. And thank you for reading all of this. There's a whole lot more to our story, and we will share it with you asap. Also thank you for reading this. And this. 


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