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Dangerous Idiots — QUICK BIO

Formed in 2009, the original lineup for Dangerous Idiots was a supergroup of Arkansas musicians. Aaron Sarlo (founding member of Techno Squid Eats Parliament), wrote and recorded a batch of demos that attracted the attention of former bandmate, Shayne Gray (also of Techno Squid Eats Parliament) and Paul Bowling (formerly of Trusty). The trio began rehearsals in early 2009, and played their debut show at The White Water Tavern on Sept. 4, 2009. In 2010, the band tracked their self-titled, debut record, and in July, 2011, Aaron Sarlo signed Dangerous Idiots to independent U.K. label, Mostar Records.

Mostar Records released DANGEROUS IDIOTS to across-the-board critical acclaim, with critics embracing the record’s “acid lyrics,” “buzz saw” guitars, and “super catchy” songwriting as “a great musical vision.” Others wrote of Sarlo’s songs, “My favourite track on the album has to be ‘Can I Get a Role Model,' with a rock chorus The Clash would be proud of,” and “With an opening line of ‘Are you tired of all the bullsh*t,’ it’s clear that this is no ordinary band, nor album… It’s more than lyrics. It’s a statement,” quickly solidifying Dangerous Idiots as a powerhouse indie rock band in the British blogosphere. The U.S. press agreed, with Sync Weekly declaring, “DANGEROUS IDIOTS is a blast of an album,” and The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette writing, “The album has a rawness about it; a compelling, stripped-back sound that feels like you’re discovering a great, great band… lyrically and musically they’re as sharp as a button.” The fans agreed. One reviewer praised the record’s production, writing, “best guitar distortion since [Smashing Pumpkins] Siamese Dream,” and an iTunes listener who commented simply, “[DANGEROUS IDIOTS] is the best American rock record since Bleach.”

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Dangerous Idiots — PRESS QUOTES

“Driven by front man Aaron Sarlo's eternally earnest vocals, the band has been lauded for philosophically savvy tunes, but can just as easily rip out a heartbreakingly sweet love song like "Wifi" or "Sad," a two-minute jewel shrouded in ukulele and resignation.” — The Arkansas Times

“Dangerous Idiots has produced a record distilling all that is Rock ‘n’ Roll. This definitely isn’t the work of idiots. It could almost be genius.” — We Were Promised So Much

“The super catchy track is ‘Can I Get a Role Model,’ a great musical vision. Yeah, I think Aaron Sarlo is the man.” — Frengers Attack

“From the moment you hear ‘Are you tired of all the bullsh*t,’ that leads into the opening track, it’s clear that this is no ordinary band, nor album. It’s more than lyrics. It’s a statement.” — Chris McKay

“America has churned out another interesting album, and this time it’s from the band, Dangerous Idiots. You’ll love this album!” — No Insults All Morals

“My favourite track on the album has to be ‘Can I Get a Role Model.’ With its Fountains of Wayne style verses mixed with a rock chorus The Clash would be proud of, I’ve been putting it on repeat since I got the album.” — Chris McKay

“Dangerous Idiots is a blast of an album.” — Sync Weekly

“Dangerous Idiots plays a smouldering sound, full of distortion and acid lyrics.” — Sloucher

“It’s upbeat, it’s danceable, and you can bet the kids will be relating to every word they hear as they form their own negative views on society.” — We Are Unseen

“Amongst the fuzzy riffs, clattering drums, and raw three part harmonies there is a surprising amount of lyrical depth and poignancy.” — Reviewed Music

“The Dangerous Idiots song, ‘Sad,’ features a guitar and vocalist, Aaron Sarlo, in a moment of understated beauty and innocence.” — The 405

“With an opening line of ‘Are you tired of all the bullsh*t,’ it sets the tone for a collection of songs with drums and guitars working as one, driving their rhythms straight to your throat.” — AltSounds

“If all their songs are as good as “Less for You,” a strange and sinister pop burner, this is going to be a band people talk about.” — The Arkansas Times

“Impossibly catchy. Dangerous Idiots are a clever band. Lyrically and musically they’re sharp as a button.” — The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

“Monstrously powerful.” “Swift and smart.” — The Arkansas Times

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