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Artist: Dangerous Idiots

Dangerous Idiots is an American indie rock band formed in Little Rock, Arkansas, by founding member, Aaron Sarlo (Techno Squid Eats Parliament), Paul Bowling (Trusty), and Shayne Gray (Techno Squid Eats Parliament). The band formed in 2009 around a strong set of demos from songwriter and frontman, Sarlo. The Dangerous Idiots first show was at The White Water Tavern on September 9. The Idiots played in and around central Arkansas until Bowling and Gray departed the band in 2010.

Shortly afterwards, Aaron Sarlo signed The Dangerous Idiots to U.K. label, Mostar Records, and released the band's eponymous first record. The record received rave reviews throughout the British blogosphere and Arkansas press. 

In 2013, The Dangerous Idiots released their sophomore record, Frankenbastard, again to critical acclaim. 

In 2014, Jake Rutherford joined the band on bass, and Randy Harsey joined on drums, and Dangerous Idiots hit the road, playing more than 100 shows that year and more than 90 shows in 2015 around the South. 

In 2016, Aaron Sarlo became a father, and in 2017 The Dangerous Idiots went on hiatus. Since then, Sarlo has been writing, arranging, and recording the third studio album from The Dangerous Idiots, due out in 2020.



Dangerous Idiots (Jake Rutherford, Aaron Sarlo)