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Aaron Sarlo was born in Evanston, Illinois. He migrated to Little Rock, Arkansas at the age of eleven. In his early twenties, he founded the seminal power pop band, Techno Squid Eats Parliament. The band was signed to Ardent Records, and Sarlo toured North America, opened for Alex Chilton, Cracker, Bare Naked Ladies, appeared on MTV and MTV Canada, and have been cited as an influence for many musicians…


Music and Video

Music by Dangerous Idiots:

2018 — Dangerous Idiots: 10th Anniversary Remastered Edition [album]

2016 — Dangerous Idiots Live at The Legendary White Water Tavern [live concert DVD]

2014 — All I Want for Christmas (Is Some More Damn Meth) [single]

2013 — Frankenbastard [album]…

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Dangerous Idiots Live

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