A Word of Advice from Legitimate Businessmen


Hey Bands… Don’t Do This

The music business and self-aggrandizement go together like bacon and eggs or like middle aged white men and porn. By 2018, an inflated ego can, sadly, surpass genuine talent as the main requisite by which artists gain attention and exposure. And, while there’s nothing wrong with a reasonable amount of self-promotion, it’s best not to let it get out of hand.

Case in point: the L.A. “band,” Threatin. The word band is in quotes because Threatin is, apparently, one white dude named Jered who writes all the songs, and the group of musicians he hires to play shows. Jered Threatin (if that is your real name) allegedly booked an entire European tour by faking his band’s real world popularity. This is nothing new, as bands often inflate their own social media presence by visiting online click-farms (so-called because users can purchase likes and views from these sites). But Jered took it one step too far. He lied to promoters about advance ticket sales, a major no-no. It’s one thing to claim that you have 1000 or 2000 extra fans than you do on your little Facebook page, but in the music business there is one cardinal rule: do not fuck with other people’s money. Read all about it at the excellent blog, MetalSucks.net. Oh, and be sure to watch the videos they linked in the article. They’re hilarious and, thankfully, short.

LINK: http://www.metalsucks.net/2018/11/09/l-a-band-threatin-faked-a-fanbase-to-land-a-european-tour-no-one-attended/