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Reviews for The Dangerous Idiots


12 Don't Miss Arkansas Albums From 2016

"This shouldn't be considered a substitute for being in the room when Dangerous Idiots hurl hard truths into the crowd via three or four solidly played chords, but the sound is engineered carefully enough to be a suitable stopgap. What's more, frontman Aaron Sarlo's lyrics cut closer to the bone than ever, as on He Who Has the Information Is the Leader: 'It's just a lack of information/There is no need to think the moon is the sun/Just waddle over to the Internet, but put on your thinking cap because there's a lot of garbage on there/And, don't get down/Don't let it get you down/You'll figure it out because we need you to.'" — The Arkansas Times

The Arkansas Times To-Do List: Dangerous Idiots

"New tunes. Dangerous Idiots play a record release show for their new long-player, ‘Frankenbastard,’ due out on Mostar Records. Opening the show will be Booyah Dad and Adam Faucett, White Water Tavern, 9pm." — The Arkansas Times

Entertainment Notes: Indie Idiots

"Little Rock indie rockers, The Dangerous Idiots — Aaron Sarlo, vocals, guitar; Jake Rutherford, bass; Leewood Thomas, drums — return to the stage after a two year absence at 10pm today at the White Water Tavern. The band’s second album, the follow-up to 2011’s eponymous debut, is due soon on U.K.-based Mostar Records" — Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Listen: The Dangerous Idiots - 'Sad'

"Sad merely features a guitar and vocalist Aaron Sarlo in a moment of understated beauty and innocence." — The 405


The Arkansas Times To-Do List

"If all their songs are as good as Less for You, a strange and sinister pop burner, this is going to be a band people talk about." — The Arkansas Times

Solo Idiot

"Sarlo, the band’s lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter, and who was also a member of Techno Squid Eats Parliament, is promising to carry on the band. But, for right now, he is..." — Sync Weekly